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Pranavi Educare is a premiere Chemistry Classes in Delhi run by PRANIT SINGH (Nano Researcher) he trains students preparing for NEET, AIIMS, IIT-JEE and Foundation for classes IX, X, XI, XII.


To create the interest in chemistry and to break the myth that chemistry is not a cramming subject but an enjoyable and interesting subject.

We are expertise in NEET, AIIMS and IIT-JEE Chemistry and give a Success Guarantee Challenge*.

Pranit Singh

Nano Researcher

“The objective of chemistry classes is to create the ability in each student and enhance a mechanised approach and logical view of chemistry so that they will love chemistry and treat it as a game. Chemistry is very enjoyable subject for each student and to break the myth that chemistry is not a cramming subject but an enjoyable and interesting subject.”

To become an excellent chemistry classes in all respect with consistently high standard across the subject and to become a destination where all students are encouraged to achieve very high standard of subject and their goal.

Our mission is to provide an environment that supports the development of young students and foster the creativity, imagination, self confidence and beyond thinking about their subject. To encourage students to become responsible citizen with self-discipline.

Why Choose Us

Pranavi Educare Chemistry Classes is a true platform for NEET, AIIMS, IIT-JEE and Foundation.

Guarantee Challenge

Pranavi Educare offers success Guarantee Challenge* We give you a guarantee that you will achieve your goals or your full fee will be refunded*

Small Batch

Only 10 students are in each batch, We believe in personal attention and it is not possible in crowd for better result. It is easy for us to brush up each and every student for top rank.

One to One Interaction

Each and every student is very important for us. We focus on each and every student to secure their top rank in exam.


Satisfied Students


Selection in NEET


Selection in JEE MAIN


Hours teaching experience.

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