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Apr 15 , 2019
What are the colleges that accept JEE Advance scores for their admission? Or Top Colleges Offering Admission Through JEE Main.

If you are not obsessed with Medical and Engineering degrees just because you are a science student then there is a lot more that you can do after passing your 12th from the science stream. Undoubtedly to become a doctor or an engineer is a prestigious career but now it is reached to a saturation point and more and more students are now get interested in other careers that not only give them creative satisfaction but lucrative career options as well. Having a science background provides them an edge over others because you can choose your favourite subjects and opt for any course you want.

If you have a good score in PCB or PCM and interested in pursuing degree courses to these subjects then there are many options in doing Bachelor in Science with great future.

Students can go for the following courses:

B.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia:- It is one of the most sought-after course in youngsters which offers great career prospect in filmmaking and ad agencies.

B.Sc. Aviation:- One of the unexplored area is Aviation. India is the 9th largest Aviation market with great job opportunities and good salary packages. The employment opportunities include the Scheduled Operators, Non-Scheduled Operators,Flying Schools etc. Proposed entries of foreign airlines and joint ventures with Indian partners have further increased the job opportunities in this sector.

B.Arch:- It stands for Bachelor of Architecture and the course is quite popular among the students with PCM. It is an integrated five year-long academic program which consists of both theory and practical session.

B.DES courses:- B.DES stands for Bachelor of Design is a four year-long program is also quite popular with science students with PCM. If you are creative and want an academic program in this stream then you can go for B.DES in fashion designing, leather designing, Apparel Designing, Interior Designing, Product Design, Accessory Design.

PHARM:-It stands for Bachelor of Pharmacy and the students with PCM are eligible to pursue this course. This is generally considered to be a medical stream course but students with mathematics are also eligible for this course

 B.Sc. Biotechnology:- This course is a combination of engineering and biology and the employment potential in this sector is all set to boom in coming years.


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